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God's Truth

At RCS we believe that God is Truth and has revealed Himself through His Word. In light of this belief, all learning, in every subject area, is the pursuit of truth and therefore the pursuit of God. At RCS, students are challenged to expand their knowledge of the world around them.

We promote academic excellence through a challenging curriculum and caring teachers. We believe that the "college preparatory" mission begins as early as Kindergarten with the teaching of critical thinking skills, good study habits, and the love of learning.

RCS offers students, Kindergarten through twelfth grade, a challenging curriculum promoting spiritual growth in Christ and character development. Faith, values, and moral character are integrated into curriculum and are complemented by chapel, Bible classes, and service projects. Music, Drama, Spanish, P.E. and Art also enrich our curriculum.

Digital learning is a part of our learning environment as early as Kindergarten. Elementary students have access to iPads, Chromebooks, and have computer resource. The secondary digital learning center provides opportunities for projects that foster problem-solving, encourage creativity, and facilitate collaboration.


Average Class Size

Our small classes average 12-20 students and promote valuable relationships between students and teachers. This gives the teachers the ability and time to further develop their students' God-given gifts, abilities, and academic successes.



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