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Elementary Art

Elementary Art is a time for exploring creativity and building a solid foundation for art skills and appreciation. Our youngest artists focus on the following areas:

  • Aesthetics: Observing and sharing about the created world around us---the good, true and beautiful. To inspire us to creativity
  • Art Appreciation/History: We will be thinking and talking about works of art. Some projects are related to past/present artists.
  • Art Production: Creating, experiencing and practicing art through various media:  ceramics, collage, drawing, printmaking, tempera, acrylic and watercolor paints, some seasonal, weaving, etc.

When finished with the day's activity & clean-up, students can explore and practice drawing & coloring skills. They may free draw or use our art room library to get ideas to draw & color from as references.


Secondary Art


Middle School Art

Middle School Art focuses on using multiple mediums to create a variety of 2D and 3D works of art. Students keep a sketchbook journal to record new techniques and knowledge and weekly sketchbook assignments. They also review the elements and principles of design and study works of art throughout history that support those elements and principles. And learn how to look at art and critique it using proper terminology. Finally, growing in their ability to understand how art is relevant to modern society and can be used to share the gospel.


High School Art

High School Art is about growing your creativity and learning to express yourself. Any skill level is welcome if you’re open to learning. Like any hobby or interest, the more you practice, the better you will do. All classes will have sketch assignments due every other week related to your course and long-term projects that we complete in class over multiple weeks. 

2D Art focuses on drawing and painting. Students experience several media, including charcoal drawing, portraiture, pen and ink, printmaking, acrylic painting, watercolor, and pencil drawing. The class focuses on self-directed work in which students can explore the drawing or painting medium through a personal lens. We touch on several issues such as critical observation, creation and the surrounding beauty, and the value of human life.

In 3D Art, you learn that everything is not flat! After exposure to several types of sculpture making at the end of the year, students take the one they enjoyed the most and create using their acquired skills. Building materials include wire, paper maché, nature, books, textiles, wood, and clay.

Mixed Media Art is a blend of 2D and 3D Art, relying heavily upon creativity. We challenge students to think outside the box with nearly every project. They are pushing the boundaries of art and exploring what it means to create. They will gain drawing, painting, and sculpting skills throughout the class. Being flexible and open to new ideas is a must for this class.