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Tuition Schedule for the 2024-25 School Year

Grade Level

K — 5th

6th — 8th

9th — 12th

First Child*




2nd Child




3rd Child




*The child at the highest grade level is considered the first child.

For prices on more than three children, please contact the school office.


Additional Fees

  • Curriculum Fee (K-5) - $400.00*
  • Curriculum Fee (6-12) - $500.00*
  • Athletic Fees (per student per sport season) - $150-$250**

*Curriculum fee covers textbooks, instructional resources, technology, and most student activities. This fee may be rolled into your monthly payments.

**Athletic fees are only applied to students participating in sports activities.  These fees vary based on the sport.

Most costs are included in the tuition and curriculum fee, such as electives, science laboratory, educational class-directed field trips, yearbook, ACSI events, class tee shirts, and technology.      


Payment Options

To keep tuition as reasonable as possible, Richmond Christian School allows the tuition amount to be paid over 10 months (August-May), 11 months (July-May), or 12 months (June-May).  Enrollment after August will decrease the number of months in which tuition can be divided.  A 2% discount is also available if the entire tuition balance is paid in full by August 1.


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