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Elementary School

Richmond Christian School believes God is Truth and has revealed Himself through His Word. In light of this belief, all learning, in every subject area, is the pursuit of truth and, therefore, the pursuit of God. At RCS, we challenge students to expand their knowledge of the world around them. Whether it is Language, Mathematics, Science, History, or the Arts, every subject area should allow students to gaze at the face of God, explore his creation, learn the truth about humanity, define God’s moral order for this world, and discover the purpose of life.

To do this, our teachers integrate a Biblical Worldview into all subject areas and content lessons. Academic learning leads students to think critically about how that knowledge shapes their worldview. Because their worldview is the lens through which they see the world and make decisions, it is imperative to weave Biblical Truth throughout a child’s education.

Because our God is a complex God, we seek to grow minds to their fullest potential so that we can better understand His Word and His character. We do not impart knowledge for selfish ambition or personal profit. Rather out of reverence for our Lord, we develop our students so that they can glorify Him with their mind as well as their heart, soul, and strength.

To help our teachers achieve our academic goals, RCS teachers use a "domain-based" approach to teaching. Some have called this approach "cross-curricular." We believe that immersing a child in the content will help them learn more deeply and allow them to analyze, evaluate, and create using that knowledge critically. For example, while the students study Ancient Greek history, they will also read Ancient Greek poetry, drama, art, and more. Rather than categorizing learning into disjointed history, literature, and art lessons, we envelop our student's minds in rich content that stays with them.

Knowing that no textbook can capture all a student should understand, our teachers use a wide variety of resources to strive to meet the needs of each student. As God created each person individually and uniquely, so should our instruction be tailored to the student's individual needs. This concept drives our teachers to instruct students through various methods such as cooperative learning, customized reading groups, learning centers, direct instruction, and others.

Challenging students to think independently and critically as they progress through the elementary grade is vital. Elementary school is the foundation that will set students up for success in their middle and high school years. Therefore, Richmond Christian School holds these years to be of the utmost importance in a child's life.



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