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As Richmond Christian School is continually improving many aspects of the school environment, this page is dedicated to sharing the improvements to our physical campus.  Here is a short list of recent improvements:

  • New Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Remodeled Library
  • New phone/intercom/bell system throughout campus
  • New network servers, network switches, access points, and completely re-cabled to Cat 6 ethernet
  • All lights in Main Offices, High School, Middle School, Elementary, Cafeteria, & Library changed to LEDs
  • Added panic bars to chapel doors
  • New A/C units in Middle School wing
  • New HVAC unit in Cafeteria
  • New HVAC unit in Library
  • Outside walls of Elementary, Middle School, and High School repainted
  • All High School windows repaired and capped in aluminum
  • Front entrance overhang completely rebuilt
  • New gutters on Middle School wing
  • New roof, gutters, and fascia on upper and lower Gym roof
  • Gym entrance posts replaced with PVC moldings
  • Water discharge system installed in Elementary building
  • Storage building lights changed to LEDs
  • New School Zone signs installed with solar panels and LED lights
  • Added Softball scoreboard
  • Drainage upgrades to rear parking lot and front drainage pipes

Scroll down to view the amazing transformations of areas around campus.


Campus Improvements

New intercom/bell system


New servers


New Library HVAC unit


New Cafeteria HVAC unit


New School Zone signs


Installed Softball scoreboard


Rear parking lot drainage improvement




Library BEFORE



Library AFTER

Rear of Library BEFORE

Rear of Library AFTER

Small portion of non-LED lights removed BEFORE

Cafeteria with new LED lights AFTER

Elementary walls BEFORE

Elementary walls AFTER

More Elementary walls BEFORE

More Elementary walls AFTER

Middle School walls and A/C units BEFORE

Middle School walls and A/C units AFTER

High School rear wall and windows BEFORE

High School rear wall and windows AFTER

High School walls and windows BEFORE



High School walls and windows AFTER

High School windows BEFORE

High School windows AFTER

Rear walls BEFORE

Rear walls AFTER

Rear walls BEFORE

Rear walls AFTER

Lower gym roof BEFORE

Lower gym roof AFTER

Upper gym roof BEFORE

Upper gym roof AFTER

Gym siding BEFORE

Gym siding AFTER

Gym entrance posts BEFORE

Gym entrance posts AFTER


Gym walkway walls BEFORE

Gym walkway walls AFTER

Boys locker room showers BEFORE

Boys locker room showers AFTER


Courtyard wall BEFORE

Courtyard wall AFTER

Courtyard wall in progress BEFORE

Courtyard wall AFTER

Rear steps BEFORE

Rear steps removed AFTER

Side steps BEFORE

Side steps removed AFTER