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Kerry Christman
Resource Teacher

I have always been curious about the natural world and love learning new forms of visual art — that is why I became an art teacher. I believe that artmaking helps one become a lifelong learner. As a result, I share this belief with my art students, helping them connect their artmaking to their experiences, surroundings, and their faith.

My journey to teaching visual art began at Gordon College, where I earned my Bachelors of Art. It was at Gordon College, where I established my artistic skills by taking as many studio classes as my schedule would permit, like painting, printmaking, and sculpture, that exposed me to new ways of creating art. My art education expanded when I studied abroad for a semester at Orvieto, Italy, where I learned the historical connection of art to the church. My experience as a student at Gordon College helped form my interdisciplinary approach to art, which fueled my passion to teach and pursue my Masters of Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Prior to studying visual art, I attended Richmond Christian School (RCS) for three years as a middle school and high school student. It was here at RCS that I met my best friend, with whom I am still in contact. My younger sister attended and graduated from RCS and went on to study music at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is now a band manager and guitar technician touring across the world with various bands.

In addition to learning new forms of visual art, one of my hobbies is fiber art which I have taught myself how to paint and sculpt with wool using felting techniques. Recently, I attended the Sheep and Wool Festival in Friendship, Maryland, to further my understanding of the handmade process of fiber arts, from how the shepherd's harvest wool to the various methods of creating art using wool through weaving and felting. I also enjoy kayaking, and one of my goals this summer is to train my dog to kayak with me. I also love spending time with my three nephews and going on trips with them.

To see and learn more about my art, please refer to my website at